Visiting Kevin Clodfelter

Kevin's job sends him over to the Huntsville/Decatur area on a pretty regular basis, so I've got to meet him a few TVRVBG meetings ago, and he's stopped by the shop a few times to see how the project is coming together. Conviently, he's located on the way back from Griffin, where we just got done attending a painting workshop, so there was a great opportunity to stop by and see him.

This is a taildragger with a slider canopy, so some things look a bit different, but it's still an RV - much more similar to a 7 than it is different, I think.

State of the project.
Obviously, the panel isn't in yet, but most of the work on the canopy is done.
Looking aft through the fuselage into the tailcone.
The engine is a Lycoming from Van's.
Firewall/oil filter sort of details.
Cowl attach points - Kevin is planning on using camlocks to attach the cowl rather than the hinges that are called for in the plans.
Rudder cable fairings as per Sam Buchanan's plans.
Plan for the panel. Kevin actually has the GRT EFIS already, it's just not in the panel yet.
Positech Oil Cooler. This is not the stock Van's oil cooler, but according to Kevin, is supposed to have more honk as far as ability to cool the oil without having a substantially higher price tag. Haven't investigated this yet, I guess we'll see.
Optional gear leg stiffener. The gear will have to come off the plane in order to get it out of the basement.

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