17 Aug 05 - Meeting Prep

Not a whole lot of groundbreaking new stuff, but getting stuff like this together is always motivational to see actually how much is done. Usually, as soon as something is done, it's taken back apart, so putting together all the stuff at the same time is fun.

It's about all we got done tonight, though.

Panel's in, arguably for the first time. The nutplates on the main braces are in, so for the first time, iit's not just balanced up there. In any case, we'll be able to get the air vents and panel pieces that hold the plugs for the intercom.
Vertical stab is on, too, and the rudder made it on there, too. As long as this is all together, we'll continue messing with the fiberglass tips and try to get the trim figured out. Would be nice to not have to get this together again until it's painted.

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