August TVRVBG Meeting

We generally seem to host one of these about once a year . . . there's nothing really much different this year, except the plane is much farther along. We don't have a bunch of people working on projects at the moment - or rather, most of them are on the wings are empennage and tend to not want to host meetings. Really, though - if that's you, and you're reading this, we would all be happy to come over and look at your wings. You don't have to be almost done before hosting one of these. I mean, really - we hosted our first one a month after pulling the QB kit out out of the box.

In any case, here's a couple pictures of the the crowd that showed up.

Holding court next to the plane - this is me in the stripey shirt and hair that's a bit too long.
I'm glad we got the wings out of there a few weeks ago. Makes for lots more room for folks to stand around.
At this point I'm realizing I have more pictures than I do things to say . . . this looks like, um, folks standing around.
We had around 20 folks there, I think. Pretty good turnout.
Explaining the panel, investigating the engine.

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