17 Dec 05 - Access Panels in Forward Fuselage Skin

Departure from the plans today - I've talked to a few folks that have cut access panels in the forward skin of their RVs - Dan Checkoway was the first person I heard about doing this in his RV-7, and a buddy just down the road did the same thing to his RV-9A. Both of these guys - which amounts to everyone I've talked to that has done this modification - highly recommend it, and it seems to make lots of sense to me. Off we go, then:

Marking off the edges - the exact size of this isn't crucial, but you'll want to make them look the same, keep away from the edges, etc.
Figuring out how much we're going to round the corners . . .
Corners have been drilled with a unibit.
After using a dremel to cut them out. These still have to be filed and finished out, but now that we've got the basic idea there, we can slap it on the plane and see how it will work.
There it is - looks like that'll work just fine.
View of the same thing from the back? Sure, why not?
This was the other project for today, and that was making the angle part that the canopy seal bumps into on the aft side of this part. A corresponding part has to be made for the side subpanel panels, so that'll probably happen next time . . .

We're about to have two people on the project again, so hopefully the amount of progress we'll be making will increase.

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