17 Feb 06 - Prop Arrives, Forward Fuse Prep, LEDs

Exciting stuff, today: the prop finally came in. This is a Sensenich fixed-pitch prop for a RV-7A with a 180 HP engine which we ordered through Van's around the time of last Thanksgiving, I think. It took a little longer to come in than expected, but we ordered it plenty early, so this isn't a big deal.

Prop in the living room! This'll get put away for safekeeping for quite a while, I'm guessing.
Now that we know exactly where forward fuselage stuff is going, it's not such a bad idea to go ahead and think about permenantly attaching the instrument panel frame. Here we are match drilling the parts to the fuselage with the panel frame in there.

Here's something of a solution that we have to the excitement that we discovered just the other day - the business of the frame not lining up. We're redrilling a few holes here so we can put more nutplates on here. This way we'll be able to attach this without having to move the panel up or down at all.

The fresh countersinks are for the new holes . . .
. . . and there are the corresponding holes for the subpanel frame. We'll get more nutplates in this, and then we should be okay. I think.
Continued step in the quest for perfect LEDs.

Why are we still playing with LEDs? Well, the ones that we played with last time were not bright enough when they were placed somewhere other than direct line of sight for the pilot. These are going to be LEDs for status and warning lights, so they need to be plenty bright.

These ones are lots better, but we'll probably need to get a few more of these (I'm not sure where Jim got these), or keep playing with various kinds. These LEDs are great, but the holders aren't quite as robust as what we were hoping for.

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