17 Jan 05 - Tools, Test Fitting, Sawhorse Construction

Nothing that could be logged as actual time working on the plane, but this was necessary, too. Haven't done anything with this for about a week. Ugh.

Results from the last raid on Sears. We need to tap the pushrods for the flaps, and the short screwdrivers are to get the control sticks in the fuselage (look at this for clarification).
Test fitting the firewall recess and center cabin cover.
Sawhorses starting to take shape.

It looks like there are quite a few parts and tools that we need to order before any of the stuff that we're in the midst of is actually going to get finished up. To do the static air system, I'll need to be climbing in the back of the plane (which is the motivation for another sawhorse), I messed up the first F-680 bearing block (center block for the flaps), so I need to order that before we get the flaps drilled finished. Also there are some more platenut-related parts that I want to get before I do anything more with those. (More details about that later.)

Lots of this involves more head-scratching than anything else. The static air directions are not really clear, so we'll need to figure those out before we end up with tubing all over the place and drying RTV on various people's fingers.

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