17 July 05 - More Rollbar Work

We got this all match drilled yesterday, but it still has to be countersunk, which because of the curve, is more of a pain than you would originally think that it is. We used the typical microstop countersink to get all of them close (but a little shallow) and then finished them up by hand.

After countersinking, primed, and riveted to the front.
Back half fitted onto the rollbar. This is going to be pop riveted onto the rollbar.
Paint gun thingee. This makes spray painting lots of stuff easier - they're something like $3.00 at Spruce.

Now's probably as good a time as any to complain that the pop rivet puller that we got from Avery Tools broke. It's pulled a bunch of rivets and didn't appear to be the best quality, so time to get a new one. Probably just buy one from Sears, and we'll see how that works out. If I'm complaning again in another couple months, we'll know that it wasn't any better.

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