17 Oct 04 - Movin' Stuff Around

Prior arrangement of the shop. Dad's looking at the plans.
How it is now: fuselage in the center with enough space to walk around.
View of the same thing from the opposite corner.

Well, there was also a large amount of head scratching to determine what we should be doing next. There's not a clearly defined order if you've got a QB kit, so it's advised to read all the directions before starting on anything. Probably what we're going to do, though, is to start working on a couple of smaller projects rather than jump into something large and then determine that we should have done something else first. At any rate, here's our punch list of stuff that we're planning to tackle soon:

At the rate we go, that's probably about a week's worth of work, if we don't get much in on the weekend. Well, the proseal will probalby take awhile as we haven't done anything with proseal yet. However, my schedule this week means that there won't be much RV work done, so that list might take awhile. We'll see.

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