18 July 05 - Finishing the Rollbar, Starting the Subpanel

Tonight we're going to finish riveting the rollbar and start working on the subpanel and air vents mounts that we got this past weekend.

As I'm writing this, it's dawned on me that I seem to be using the word "subpanel" to describe both the smaller panel for switches that goes underneath the panel and the panel brace bulkhead thingee that goes between panel and the firewall. (I'm fairly confident I didn't invent this, I've seen these terms all over the place.) I'll try to be clear, but now that you know this, hopefully we'll all be less confused.

Yay! After lots of pop riveting, this is finally done.
Oh. Something that we figured out this week is that the way we have these gas vent lines run is not going to work. The rivet holes (which you can see behind the tube) are where the subpanel (the between the firewall and panel subpanel) goes, and there's a rather large lip at the bottom that is going to interfere with the gas line - it is shown to be lower in the plans and we sort of didn't follow that.
After a bit of filing, the panel fits in the fuselage. Some material had to be removed from the ears as it's intentionally made a little on the large side.
Match drilling the subpanel to the air vent mounts. This is a little wide as well, and (like the panel frame) will have to be filed a bit before it fits into the fuselage.
View of the whole thing with an air vent on there for good measure.

Well, it looks like next time we'll keep working on the subpanel and see how far we get.

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