18 June 05 - Panel Assembly

All the holes are drilled and most everything has been fitted in the panel, so today we're going to try to actually get it primed and then all together for the first time. Mostly, this is to see how it looks and make sure we're pleased with the result before going on.

Nulite in action. These little suckers are pretty cool, but they're bright. Looks like putting them on a dimmer (which we were planning to do anyway) is a necessity.
FAA-type picture: yup, this is us.
Slightly fuzzy picture of everything on the left side.
. . . and the right side.
Here's the whole thing, except for the pictorial pilot and the radio stack.

General notes about where we are at this point:

Probably after painting and more work on the map box, that'll be it for the panel for awhile.

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