18 March 06 - Glove Box Door Work, More Wiring

One of main goals for today is to try to get the map box (which is more or less together) working with the hinge for the door (which is also more or less together) - this will involve chopping some holes in the bottom of the map box. We're sort of making this up here, so not much assurance that it'll actually work when we get done . . . we'll see.

Hole cut in the glove box the diameter of the hinge - goes about 8/10" of an inch back.
View of the same thing from the back. This needs to be finished out and perhaps reinforced, but it works now.
Still thinking this through - this tab has to bend back to let you remove the panel dock. Because it's mounted flush, we'll have to carve this out so it can bend back.
General progress on the wiring . . . nothing specific, we're just getting more stuff in there.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at trying to get the GPS mount tab to bend back enough to get the GPS actually in and out comfortably.

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