18 Oct 04 - Elevator Pushrods

First real night of getting anything done on the fuselage. After a lot of puttering around we settled down and starting working on the pushrods, with plans to start working on the tie-down ring in the back sometime in the future. Making pushrods was a snap as we've done it before, so it went faster and there was less head-scratching and figuring stuff out than has seemed normal for the project so far.

Before . . .
. . . and after. This was just pop riveted in and it will make life easier to be able to get in there to work on tie-down ring related stuff.
Before . . .
. . . and after. I thought we would need this off to get the pushrod in, but it turns out we don't need to put it in now, so it's been on and off a few times.
Drilling the holes in the elevator pushrods.
Easy way to mark the holes evenly - mark on a piece of paper, and then roll it around the tube.
Drilled pushrod with end clecoed in. This just looked weird, so I took its picture.
Priming outside at night. This wasn't real smart.
Primed parts.
Drilled ends for the pushrods.

Lessons learned tonight - don't try to prime stuff in the dark. (Duh.) Even with a light out there, there were big spots that I missed that I didn't know about until we got the pushrods back inside. We'll have to touch them up tomorrow, but no big deal.

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