18 Sept 05 - Emepennage Tips, Wingtip Trimming

It seems fairly standard to close up the empennage tips for the horizontal and vertical stab. There are probably a few ways to do this, but we're limited because we've already attached the empennage tips.

What we're going to try is to epoxy foam in the ends - Last-a-Foam from Aircraft Spruce. (This is the 1/4" thick stuff - Part Number 01-13550.) Then we'll fill in the gaps with SuperFil. This isn't really a way they tell you can do it, but we're going to try it anyway and see what happens.

Foam in the horizontal stab - this stuff is pretty easy to work with. Cutting, sanding, using a file, etc. It all works.
After the pieces in the horizontal and vertical stab fit correctly, I used epoxy to get them in there. We'll let this cure for 24 hours, and then start worrying about SuperFil.
Something else that has to be done: the trailing edge of the wingtips do not line up with the ends of the ailerons. They need to be trimmed - the line is where we'll try to trim it.
After trimming with the dremel and a bit of work with a file. There's still a bit of work to do to make it a nice smooth curve.
This'll be the project for next time: we'll start SuperFilling (is that a word?) the empennage tips.

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