19 Dec 04 - Rudder Stops, Starting the Flaps, Etc.

Good day, today - lots of stuff got done, but not really in a very organized way. The steps are done, and although we're working on some stuff in the back of the plane (rudder stops and nutplates), it seems that the next big project to tackle is stuff related to the flaps.

Nutplates and rudder stops clecoed on.
Nutplates in, with the access plate on there. Yay, it's done.

The above pictures illustrate the nutplates that we started on 5 December. Why are we only finishing them up now? Well, when I went to put the access panel on, I discovered that we had used mostly the wrong nutplates - the right ones that we used and the wrong ones that we used look really similar. Turns out the right ones weren't in the fuselage kit, and I'm not real sure if they're in the finish kit or if we just didn't get them. In any case, I didn't really realize this until we had gotten the wrong ones riveted on. Finishing this part was delayed while I ordered more parts from Van's, etc. They're all in now with the right nutplates, and hopefully that's the end of the story.

Another randomly started and not finished project: there's the hole for the static air system. We'll get to this after the flaps, but at least we've got a pilot hole drilled now.
Test fitting the flap lever in the fuselage. Seems to fit fine.
Starting to work on the flap mechanism: match drilling rivet holes and the larger hole is for a bolt. (Which is why it's surrounded by even a larger hole - that's where the bolt head sits in there.)
Flap actuator motor test fit in the photo of the part you just saw. For some reason, ours was just a bit farther down and aft than it should have been, so if you look closely you can see a little spacer in there that's not in the plans. (This seemed easier than redrilling all the holes.)

Well, that's it for today. Good progress, but I think that may be the last productive RV day for awhile, as I still have lots of Christmas shopping to do and my instrumental duties are in demand for Christmas Eve. That's not so bad, but it entails multiple rehearsals, so I expect that's it until after the 25th.

Hope your holiday season is going well!

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