19 Feb 06 - Panel Frame Installed, Cabin Heat Cable

Goal for today is to get the panel in there, and the last few things finished up before we start the wiring. Getting the panel in there is probably the biggest project, actually.

Forward fuselage - these rivets weren't done at QB time, and this never really showed up as an item on a to do list until we figured out that you can't get to a smattering of the rivets after the panel is in.
Panel's going in, therefore it has to be done today. Here's the (completed) right side, we did both.
FAA-type picture: yup, it was me. What's actually going on here is that we're riveting the subpanel to the angle reinforcement, here. This is significant because after this is done, the panel is not coming back out of the fuselage.
Well, the panel is in there, now. Hope there was nothing else we had to do before it was in there for good.
Last few rivets that we didn't get taken care of yesterday - for these, we absolutely could not find any way to get a gun and bucking bar in there, so we had to use pulled rivets. The way we did it - inboard ones pulled from the front and outboard ones pulled from the back - no real reason there, except it was the easiest way to get the rivet puller in there.
Running the cable for the cabin heat - although the instructions show you where the cable should go, attach points are left up to the discretion of the builder. We came up with two - here's the first, right below the glove box.
Here's the end where it terminates. This attach point is specified in the plans.
This one in the middle - unless I'm mistaken - is also not specified, but it seemed like a good idea.

Well, everything that we have to have finished (panel in there, forward fuselage together, subpanel and switches in there) before we start the wiring is now complete. Looks like we'll be able to start the wiring tomorrow!

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