19 June 05 - Panel Stand, Painting

Happy Father's Day! We spent what would have normally been airplane-building time bopping around in a rented Cessna 172 . . . not an RV, but some days are too pretty to not be flying anything, even if the RV isn't done.

About the only goal for today was to get a little stand put together for the panel - perhaps it will be useful to have something like this when we're doing all sorts of stuff with wiring, but even if it's not, it'll be nice to display the panel on something a little more solid. This won't really be a big deal, so here we go:

There's the stand . . .
Shazam! And there's the panel sitting in there nicely.

Well, about half way through this exercise we both got a burr up our collective butts to see if we could paint this thing. There's a TVRVBG meeting this Thursday, and it would be nice to be able to bring a finished-looking panel along. Fine, we'll paint it. Here's the big decision, though: for a few months now we've been going back and forth between panel colors. We'd like to use a Rustoleum rattle-can hammered finish something, but the color choices (I know, totally trivial decision) . . . well, the jury's been out for awhile. Scott - RV-9A builder just down the road - used black, and it came out well. See this and this. Well . . . after a few minutes of debate we decided to go with the dark bronze, which looks like this:

See the Rustoleum website for more details if you want them. In any case, this is the color that we went with, and it looks like it's going to come out pretty well. We'll post pictures when we get it all together.

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