19 March 05 - Panel Lights, Left Wingtip Lens, Panel Nutplates

Fun stuff showed up today in the mail: the little eyeball lights from Van's. For awhile now I've been planning to use Nulites for the main panel lighting, but it's still necessary to have some way of illuminating maps, for example. Also it would be nice to have a backup system. In any case, these are in today, and so we spent some time futzing around with them. Also, we continued work on the wingtip lens and instrument panel.

Oh yeah - the flexible conduit with the ridges showed up from Van's, too. We'll probably use some of this in the wings.
Here's a closeup of the little eyeball light . . .
. . . and here's the first attempt at mounting it. Looks okay.
View from the back. Well, that's less cool. We'll try to figure out if we can make something to back this up so the screws have something more to grip - I'm thinking something that looks like a thin wooden donut.
The modular panel directions call for angle to be match drilled to the bottom of the panel frame. It'll eventually be attached with flush mounted screws which will be covered by the front part of the panel.
Left wingtip lens. This one is almost done, I expect it'll be finished up tomorrow.
. . . and there's the angle for the panel - primed and with the nutplates in there.

Not really sure what tomorrow will hold - we'll try to get this lens finished up and probably then start looking for other projects. We'll see.

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