19 March 06 - Working on the GPS Panel Mount

Main goal for today is to see if we can make the GPS panel work correctly.

As far as a longer-term goal, we're going to try to repaint the panel sometime in the next few days - it had been painted in sections, and this paint tends to be a different texture if it was painted in a different temperature, different humidity level, or if you put on a thicker coat. In any case, if we can get some more of the panel work done, we'll be able to get that stripped and repainted pretty soon. We're not too far away from getting the empty panel in there, and then we'll start filling it up with instruments as we get them wired.

Glove box cutout is a little more finished out, now, and we'll get an angle riveted on there so it's not quite so floppy.
Working on the panel mount - the back part of the tab is actually hitting the area behind, so this needs to be filed off. This is about where it needs to be to work correctly.
Here's the front part, so after we put them together, this should all work.
End result - hopefully this will look a little better after we get a layer of paint on it.

Not a whole lot of work got done today - at least as far as what it looks like on here - because (among othe reasons) this business with carving a notch for the GPS mount was a bunch of incremental fittings. Hopefully, we'll be able to get the map box door finished up too, and that's pretty much it as far as stuff that needs to be done before it can be painted, installed, and wired.

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