19 May 05 - May TVRVBG Meeting

Today was the opening of Episode III of Star Wars. Instead of going to see it like a normal person (well, normal for Huntsville - it's an engineering town) we headed out to the airport to hang out with some RV folks.

Because of some iffy weather, there was only one RV that flew in from somewhere else - in this case, Moontown - and he was taking off just as we showed up. Oh, well. In any case there were 4 or 5 airplanes and 20 or so folks milling around. Donuts were eaten, a couple of folks were hopping rides . . . good meeting, weather notwithstanding. This was also my first chance ride in an RV that was doing aileron rolls. Whee! Ahem. Thanks, Jeff.

Bob Butler's RV-6A.
Folks milling around Sam Buchanan's RV-6.
Sam holding court next to N399SB.
Okay, so it's not an RV, but this Kitfox is going to be sold this summer to so Scott can afford some nifty panel goodies for his RV-9A that's currently in progress.

Non-meeting related: Dad has put together a plug for the engine monitor, so it can at least be turned on. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), all the readings are wonky. The engine is still in pieces 10 states away, so this isn't unexpected.

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