19 Nov 04 - Brake Pedals

The monthly meeting of the TVRVBG was last night (pictures are here), and one of the things that I learned was that we should get the rudder pedals in (or at least have the holes drilled) before we finish putting the NACA vents in for good - otherwise they'll be in the way when we're trying to get the rudder pedals in.

In any case, we started working on the brake pedals tonight, which are fairly closely related to the rudder pedals. It makes sense to do this all at the same time.

The angle pieces that are going to attach to the actual pedals. We've followed the instructions for lightening these things.
Match drilling the angles to the pedals. We started this but will have to continue it tomorrow.

That's about it for today - fabricating parts and match drilling these. Just following the directions so far, so nothing overly interesting.

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