19 Sept 05 - Super Fil Adventures

Starting to deal with Super Fil, and man, let me tell you - does this stuff smell weird. Also it's the consistency of frosting, or maybe Play-Doh. Not really sure.

Starting to mix this stuff. It's probably a good idea to have lots of mixing containers and popsicle sticks for this sort of stuff.
End of the right horizontal stab tip after the first layer of this stuff.
Well, we've got to let that cure until at least tomorrow, so on to other miscellaneous things: the canopy latch stuff has been dimpled, now. Woop de do.

Mixing and using Super Fil seems to be similar to using epoxy - same sort of things to think about as far as how long it'll take to cure and how long you're able to keep working with it. Like any other sort of epoxy stuff, it seems a good idea to not mix up too much of it in one go and take it slowly.

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