1 April 06 - Baggage Compartment, Playing with Loctite, Wiring

Welcome to April! We've got an RV-8 on this month's calendar.
Mounting the wig-wag flasher. This was almost complete awhile back, but the latch to keep it from sliding out the top had to have an additional rivet added to make sure that the latch would actually do what it's supposed to. Now it does.

Something that we've been meaning to get done for awhile is attaching the Dynon remote compass. The idea behind this is to get it as far away as possible from electrical stuff, engine stuff, anything that could interfere with the magnetic field. Given all that, you don't really want to use mounting hardware that's going to be ferrous. One of the ways to do this is to use brass mounting hardware, however, no one sells brass nylocks. The solution that we're using is to use brass hardware with loctite on it.

(I suspect you'd get perfectly fine results with stainless steel mounting hardware, too, and this may be easier because stainless nylocks are fairly easy to find. However, the ones that we got were still slightly magnetic, for whatever reason, so we decided to use brass.)

A quick trip down to the auto parts store resulted in what's probably a lifetime supply of this stuff. The consensus from online groups seems to be that this is the best stuff to get - the red (permanent) stuff is overkill.
Here's the remote compass attached using the brass hardware. The nylock seems to work just great.
Fighting with the nutplates on the forward side of these panels. These were drilled out, so we're looking at a few problems, here - the holes are too large, they don't line up correctly (not sure how that combination of things is possible), and there's pretty much no way to get a squeezer in there. Probably time to order some small countersunk pulled rivets.

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