1 Jan 06 - Brake Lines, Subpanel, LEDs

Ugh. Still under the weather. Well, let's try to get some stuff done, today, in any case.

Subpanel has all the switches in. This was (oddly enough) the easiest way to make sure we had all the switches that we need. Now we need labels!
From the top of the brake to the fitting in the fuselage - this was the last part of the brake lines that were not yet done. As of today, they're finished. Still needs tubing over the sides and then tape to the gear leg, though.
Odd to think that we could put brake fluid in and get brakes that work . . . or a big leaky mess, depending on how well we've done this.
Results of a quick trip to Radio Shack ("You've got questions, we've got blank stares!") - details about these are below.

LEDs in the Panel:

The pictured LEDs are going to be warning lights for the panel. What are they for, you say? Well, the carbon monoxide detector that we have has an output to drive a light (in addition to what is already on the front of it), and then another one is a "starter engaged" light, which could be useful in the (unlikely) event that the starter stays engaged after the engine has started, and, lastly, the last LED is a replacement for the normal light bulb that came with the B&C regulator that is pictured in the upper right of this picture here. This bulb lights up when the power drops below a specified level (i.e., the alternator isn't doing its thing).

These were a whopping $1.99 at Radio Shack, so we bought three of them (they only had these three colors), but playing with them revealed that they are not going to be as bright as they need to be in order to be of any use in direct sunlight, or anything close to it. Also, because of where they'll be mounted in the panel (above the radio stack), they'll need to be really bright already, because they won't be aimed directly at the face of the person in the left seat.

In any case, they're going back, and we'll try to find some brighter ones.

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