1 June 05 - Stuff comes in the mail, Cleaning and Puttering

Hobbs meter. Nothing exciting here . . . this is the one from Spruce, though.
This is a PS Engineering Intercom - the PM3000. We're planning on wiring an iPod into this, and this particular intercom has the capability of doing music in stereo, which is cool.
Starting to think about how we're going to have to paint all this. Lots of the mess from yesterday has been cleaned up, we're in the process of wiping everything down before painting, and we are planning to pull the rest of the pop rivets in the floor tomorrow before we actually shoot any paint.

In addition to a Hobbs meter and intercom, a bunch of fiberglass-related stuff came in today, too. We haven't done anything involving fiberglass yet on this project, so we didn't have a specific list of things that we knew we needed until we started asking around - in any case, here's a list that Bobby Hester (another -7A builder) got from Dan Checkoway that is Dan's list of suggestions of things you'll probably need to get started. This is the list, as it appears on the receipt from Spruce:

As we haven't used any of this stuff yet I cannot tell from experience whether this is everything that you need, but I would bet that it's pretty good. Of course, there will be updates on the site as we start using this stuff.

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