1 March 06 - Conduits, Air Vents, Mounting the WigWag

Tonight Dad and Mom are out doing some sort of normal social thing, so I'm going at this alone, which seems to be pretty rare on this project.

However, since dad's working mostly on routing wires and there's quite a lot of stuff that needs to be done besides that, it works out rather nicely. At this point in the project, it seems as if there are a whole lot of things that we could actually do now (without waiting for parts are waiting for other things to be assembled first), so this is another night of finishing up odds and ends.

What is this? It's a mounting bracket of some kind . . .
It's for the Aeroelectric WigWag flasher. Probably it'll have some antichafe tape stuffed down in there to, well, keep it from chafing, and make the fit a bit tighter.
More random odds and ends: the air vent tubing. Now that we have the air vents together for good, we can get these guys in. (Yeah, I know the clamps are not in there yet. I'll get them on as soon as I find them.)
This tubing is actually from the FWF kit and is the scat tubing that's used for the heat muff. This is much nicer and easier to work with than what you're supposed to use for this. Also it fits better.
This last picture sums up a couple steps - now we've got two conduit runs down underneath the baggage floor. Holes drilled, and another PVC pipe bent into the the proper position.

Now that the conduit is underneath the baggage floors, we're shooting for getting those riveted on this weekend. Still some odds and ends to finish up before then, though - fabricating attach points for the PVC at the forward end of the plane, making sure they don't hit the controls, which we need to put in, etc etc.

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