1 May 05 - Misc. Left Wing Stuff

The day started with a plan to close up the left wing (we've done it once, so theoretically we are better prepared to do it again), but there were enough details to finish on this wing that we wound up not starting it today. Interesting stuff, though.

Beautiful day (again), so the shop door was open. Every time we have to shuffle stuff around, it's easiest to have the door open. The wing cradle had to be turned around today, so this made it easier.
We're planning on running the PVC pipe that we got a few days ago down the wing for wiring. This is to illustrate how it is able to clear the aileron pushrod.
What's this? Planning on a heated pitot (a Dynon one, if they ever release it), and this is for the wire for the heated pitot. The bushing may not have been necessary, and now that this is strapped in tightly, the opening with the bushing now it faces the other direction.
Here's how the whole thing is held in there: bushings and double tiewraps. Even though this isn't done at every rib, it's still in there really solidly.

Well, that took more time than either of us thought it would . . . like everything else on this project. We'll start the wing riveting tomorrow, though.

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