1 Nov 05 - Starting FWF Stuff

Given that the engine may be showing up as early as tomorrow, it's probably a good idea to see what we can get done on the firewall so we can attach the engine as soon as possible after it gets here. The shop is running out of room, so sticking it on the front of the plane will get it out of the way . . . sort of.

Fortunately, the Van's FWF directions have a nice list of things that you're supposed to get done before you attach the engine, so we'll run through that list and see how far we can get.

The first thing they tell you to do is dimple all the things in the firewall that need dimpling, so we'll start with that:

This dimple is not deep enough - to get this result I'm using the pop rivet with a nail technique, but the only dimple dies I have for that are for the 30 size rivets. This is a 40, so you get this less than optimal sort of result.
Just to compare - this one was close enough to the edge to get with the hand squeezer, so it's sitting nice and flush. This is what they all should look like. Still pondering how to get the others to look like that.
Unrelated to what we're doing tonight, but going through FWF parts, I noticed this: one of the exhaust pipes looks like it's been squished a bit on one side. Smash it back into shape or return it? Hmmmm.
Cabin heat box temporarily on the firewall. Why temporarily, you ask? Because I forgot to get heat-resistant RTV, which you're supposed to put between this and the firewall. When you do this, be sure to check the clearance between this and the firewall recess. This fits, but just barely.
Starting to futz around with the battery box. Notes on this below.

Battery box stuff: because one side of this sits on the firewall recess, it tells you to place the L-bracket on that side 20/1000 of an inch (the thickness of the firewall recess) farther forward. Ideally, you'd clamp this to a table or workbench with a a piece of aluminum under it so it's all nice, but if you're like me and do not have a spare sheet of 20 thousandths aluminum, you may be interested to know that 5 pages of the directions out of the directions are within a few thousandths of the correct width.

Actually, though, this didn't come out perfectly, but I'm guessing that's due to warps in the table and lack of as many clamps as would have been ideal rather than using paper instead of aluminum. Should still be okay, even if it's not perfect.

Enough about the battery box. More planning: Here's something of a punch list of things that would be ideal to get done before we hang the engine:

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