1 Sept 04 - Aileron Bellcrank and Reamers

Well, looking at the plans for the aileron bellcrank, we noticed a part that said "make sure the brass bushing is 1/32 to 1/64 longer than the steel bellcrank tube" - no where else is there a reference to a bushing, so we weren't really sure if it was a separate part - it is. The folks that I had asked on one of the Yahoo groups said that (a) it's a separate part, and (b) you have to drill it out, but don't normal drill bit. Use a reamer, or you'll enlarge the whole. What's a reamer? I didn't know either. Since we know what it was, we figured it was a pretty good bet that we didn't have one, so it's time to talk to local RV people and see if this is something I can borrow. Thanks to Scott Millhouse (Kitfox - flying, and RV-9A - working on the fuselage), I was able to borrow one (and get a brief tour of his shop). Then we figured out that we didn't really know how to use a reamer with any degree of skill.

For you guys that also want to know about reamers, here's some reference info that was on some website somewhere - can't vouch for the source, as my dad downloaded it onto my computer when I was doing something else: Basic Reamer Information.

Using the reamer on the brass bushing. What you can't see is that we're using the air drill, which wasn't really a great idea - it's too fast.
Torque wrench from Harbor Freight. We're going to use this eventually. (This has nothing to do with the reamer or bushing . . . we just finally remembered to pick one up today).
It fits . . . sort of. It doesn't turn, though, so we'll have to keep working on it tomorrow.

Certain amount of progress, though - we learned what a reamer was, anyway. We'll keep working on this tomorrow.

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