1 Sept 05 - Starting on the Wheels/Tires

New month, and starting a new project: working on the wheels and tires. The immediate goal is to get the plane on (at least two of) its feet, and the nosewheel put together. This will help us get ready to finish the brakes, and all that.

Aeroshell grease from Aircraft Spruce. It may be possible to use locallly avaliable stuff, but this is what Van's recommends.
Tube inside the tire, with lots of baby powder all over everything.
This is a weird little tool that we're borrowing from Scott Millhouse (RV-9A in progress) that he used to do his tires. The idea is if you balance the tire on top of it, it'll hold the bolts in while you screw the nuts onto the other side.
Yeah, it works like that. I think this would be especially handy if you were trying to do this with only one person.
Nosewheel is together!
The Lisle Handy Packer in action. I actually got this back on the 27th but haven't done anything with it until now. This is hte nosewheel bearing, and it's kind of weird to pack with this tool because of the rubber seal on the top. (I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to pull it off.)

A note about the bearing packer - I couldn't find it on the Sears' website, but when I was in there just the other day they had one sitting there. I got mine at O'Reilly Auto Parts, and the price there was aboug $5 more than it was at Sears. Darn! Just so you know, though - these things (as of September '05) can be obtained at Sears or O'Reilly Auto Parts . . . probably other auto parts stores, too.

Well, tomorrow we'll work on the other tires and see how far we get with this.

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