20 Aug 05 - Rollbar Mounts, Elevator Trim Stuff

Ended up working on quite a few different things tonight, which probably makes me feel more productive than we actually were. After all, there are a lot of pictures. The meeting yesterday was a big motivational kick in the rear - lots of stuff to still do, so let's get to it.

Starting to think about this. Ugh. No real work, just sort of putting parts together and thinking about how it's eventually going to fit.
These are match drilled out to the correct size and now have the bolts in there.
Further work on the rollbar mount: it has to be shaped so that it will be flush with the skin. Compare the above picture with this one to see what we did - it's skinnier in the back.
The panel brace has been in progress for awhile, and is now the right shape. Still has to be painted, but it's nice to have all the cutting and bending on this done.
How the elevator trim mechanism is going to fit together - plate is not in there so we can figure out how it'll all look.
This'll get riveted together tomorrow or the next time. Just trying to get the basic idea tonight.

Pretty productive night. The immediate goal is to get the rollbar in there and the trim together by the end of the week, which shouldn't be all that difficult.

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