20 Jan 06 - Carb Temp Sensor, Subpanel Labels, Radio Stack

We've been trying to get most (all?) of the engine sensors in place before starting any really serious FWF work (read: baffles) just so we have a good idea of where all the wires will have to go. One of the last ones to worry about was the temperature sensor for the carb inlet, and after a bunch of looking at directions, scratching heads, and pondering the carb, it's finally on in what we're fairly certain is the right place. Where is that? Well, smack in the front center of the carb. Take a look at the pictures:

In any case, here's how the carb looks normally, before we put the sensor in.
With the sensor: you can see that the temp sensor (where the wire is coming out of) goes in a pre-drilled hole that just had a screw in place.

These pictures will probably only help you if you have a O-360 - this is a Mattituck engine but similar to a Van's stock Lycoming. Do not put your temperature sensor here on an O-540, and check your documentation before putting it anywhere that's not pre-drilled.

Starting to ponder the radio stack. This is how it's all going to look, but at the moment we don't have angle that is large enough to pull this off. It's on order from Spruce, so . . . progress on this soon.
Another big step is getting the subpanel switches labeled. We're going to try to use one of these things rather than get everything in the universe engraved.
. . . and here are the results. Of course, we'll want to get clear tape rather than this, which is silver, but this is the general size/font sort of stuff we'll try first, anyway.

This label printer is a Brother P-Touch. It was borrowed, and we'll probably not get all that excited about using it unless we're able to track down the transparent tape, which is looking less and less likely to happen. Not sure if I can recommend this, yet. We'll see.

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