20 July 05 - Fuel Vents, Subpanel Work

As we noted the other day, the vent lines (which we previously thought were okay) need to be redone. Other than more work on the subpanel, that's about all that's planned for tonight.

New fuel vent lines with the correct curve in them. Comepare this with this picture of the old one to see what we're trying to accomplish.
Same thing, view from farther away so you can see the whole thing.
Mundane (but necessary) progress on the subpanel - primed, deburred, nutplates are in, etc.

It's worth noting that the more fuel lines that you do, the easier they become.

Also, there's a certain amount of filing that has to be done to the sides of the subpanel in order to get it to fit in the fuselage. It comes a little bit wide (intentionally, so you can shave it off to fit your specific fuselage), which is a good design but a bit of a pain to get it to fit correctly. We made some progress on that tonight, too.

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