20 March 05 - Left Wingtip Lens, Aileron Trim

Pretty big day today - the first big item of note was that the wingtip light lenses are finished up (finally). Also, we started working on the aileron trim, which I hadn't touched up until this point (mainly because I had forgotten about it). Other miscellaneous stuff got done, too, but those were the two big ones.

Left one is done now! Yippee! Hopefully this is the last we'll see of this for awhile.
Modular panel frame - it's now match drilled and clecoed to the bottom angle. This is sort of a back burner project for the moment - we're waiting for some aluminum air vents and a throttle quad to come in from Experimental Air.
State of the manual aileron trim by the end of the night. Not a lot to this, but then again, what looks like it's going to be the most difficult part (drilling the handle for the bolt) is not something that I have tried yet. In this view, it's match drilled to the seat.
What in the sam hill is this? Good question. These are parts that we'll be putting behind the strobes and position lights in the wingtips so they have something more to grip than just fiberglass. Is it necessary? Dunno. I'll let you know how these work, though, when we end up using them, if we do.

Well, tomorrow we'll keep working on the aileron trim. The plans call for a bolt to go through the handle and the bottom part (that's shown in the picture), and that's going to be kind of a pain to drill. It's supposed to go front to back so that the nut hides under the handle, which is not entirely necessary but will look a lot nicer than if it doesn't line up correctly.

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