20 March 06 - Stripping the Panel, Glove Box Work

Not a overly productive day today - what would normally be airplane time got diverted into picking up a rental car at the airport for a work trip tomorrow, and going out to eat with Dad to celebrate his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for all your help on this project.

We're going to try stripping paint off the instrument panel tonight.

Spray it on, then it has to sit there for some time before everything can be scraped off. This doesn't smell so good.
How the panel looks after being scraped off - seems that this stuff works pretty well. It took off the primer, too.
Glove box with the new angle riveted to the bottom. This stiffens it up nicely - the bottom, now, actually seems stronger than the top.
Same thing, view from the bottom.
Oh - this ideally would have been up top - this is the stripper that we used. From the aviation department at Home Depot or Lowe's.

There was a (small) pile of wiring stuff that got done tonight, too. Crimping ends and running wires and finding ways that don't work . . . not easy stuff to take a picture of, I'm learning.

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