20 Nov 04 - Rudder Pedals, Continued

Lots of things to do today - working on the brake pedals (we all know the drill by now - match drill, debur, scuff, prime, rivet), dimpling and coutersinking the NACA vents, and thinking about getting the rudder pedals in the plane.

Holes for the NACA vents are dimpled. Also, this shows why the NACA vents would be in the way - it'll be good to drill the rudder pedal holes before putting the NACA vents in.
Brake pedals all match drilled.
Test fitting the (now coutersunk) NACA vents to the fuselage. I think we've all seen this before.
Location of the rudder pedals in the fuselage.
Primed and riveted brake pedals.

Seems like the next steps should be to drill the holes for the rudder pedals, put the NACA vents in, and attach the brake pedals to the rudder pedals. That's not necessarily the order in which this has to happen, but we'll drill the holes before putting the NACA vents in there.

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