21 Aug 04 - Unpacking the Fuselage

This documents our first day of being able to work in the shop since we unloaded the truck, so we're not even thinking about bending metal yet, we're still trying to just get stuff organized. Today, the goals are (a) breaking down crates and doing some organization, (b) get the obligatory picture of ourselves sitting in the fuselage, and (c) get the fuselage up on sawhorses.

One side of the crate is off.
Now both sides of the crate are off.
View from the front looking back.
View from the tail looking forward.
The obligatory pose.
Both me and dad inside.
Mostly completed sawhorse.
Carpet on the top of the sawhorse.
Fuselage is off the ground!

Those that have worked on an RV before will probably notice that the fuselage is pretty high up - we built 35 inch tall sawhorses, and that puts the fuselage higher up than is ideal. We'll fix this in a few days, I think. However, the main points of the exercise was to (a) get a morale boost from seeing the fuselage on sawhorses, and (b) provide a way to store the fuselage so that we can start getting all this wood out of the way. Both those were accomplished, but for now the shop is still a mess. There are interesting smells, too: the slightly funky smell of RV fiberglass parts, the nice smell of freshly cut wood, and the rather faint oily smell from all the stuff they put on the fuselage and wings.

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