21 Aug 05 - Rollbar is On, Misc. Stuff

Main project for today is to get the rollbar on the plane. A few things have to happen before we can do that, as the rollbar is attached to the outside of the rollbar brace by (on each side) two screws and two bolts. The screws go all the way to the outside skin, and the bolts start just under the skin.

Oh - unrelated to the rollbar - the panel brace has been primed and now the nutplates are on there. Woop de do.
Here's the left side of the rollbar showing the two screws (which have to be tapped through the rollbar itself) and the skin in position.
Right side with the skin missing, so you can see the two screws (on the right) and two bolts (on the left).
Elevator trim plate has been match drilled. This was not the best planning ahead, as now I'm not sure how we'll be able to get a squeezer or bucking bar in there to rivet it.
Rollbar is on!

It seems that most of the structural strength somes from the bolts, and that the screws are just to hold the skin on. I think. Not entirely sure.

Something worth noting: the rollbar was a bit wider than the rollbar braces due to things not lining up quite right when we were match drilling the brace. It's not a "make it over" sort of thing but there did need to be a shim made from part of the modular panel (0.090 aluminum). We were just able to make that the right shape and then stuff it into the space that it was going to go before match drilling the rollbar to the rollbar brace. This seemed to work just fine.

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