21 Feb 05 - Misc. Forward Fuse Putterings

Day of odds and ends, today. We started messing around with the airbox, which is kind of a weird part, and started thinking about the front fuselage deck. We're going with one of the panels from Affordable Panels, and although that's really not much different, it might be worth starting to think about how all that's going to fit together.

Oh yeah, and we got the brake line bracket riveted to the firewall. Let's see how it all goes:

Removable part of the airbox that has holes for various controls - pretty much all that has to be done to this is the holes need to be drilled.
Fuzzy picture of the bracket riveted to the firewall. Woop de do.
Part of the forward deck clecoed together. The left and right parts that go on either side of the white center section didn't fit correctly at first, so it looks like massaging those parts just got added to the growing punch list of stuff to do.
Airbox clecoed together.
Same thing, front view. This still has to primed, the plates need to be bent, painted, etc. You know the drill.

Productive but really we're just following directions. No big flashes of insight tonight . . . we'll keep working on the same sorta stuff tomorrow.

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