21 Jan 05 - Flap Pushrods, Top Skin Match Drilled, Etc.

Let's see . . . tonight, we're going to try to finish drilling the skin that we got mostly done last night. We still have a few things left over from the flaps, so we'll try to get something done on that, too. We need to get the pushrods tapped, so we'll give that a shot. Finally, I went ordered a large pile of tools and parts earlier this week, and some of that has started to come in, so we'll get a chance to play with some new toys.

Safety Wire kit - this one is from Aircraft Spruce.
Assorted stuff from Avery. The weird new and cool things are a rivet fan (which we've managed without so far, but it'll be really handy, and spring tension clamps - they're supposed to be easier than regular c-clamps, I guess we'll see.
Fabric samples and patterns from Oregon Aero. The seat cores I have are from these guys and I'm contemplating getting them to finish them out. The interior color, as you can probably guess, is going to be gray.
Working on the plane, now . . . the top skin is now completely drilled. Those are all the silver clecos that I've got.
This is kind of weird - the placement of the horizontal flat part is frustrating my attempts to match drill those holes. It was only one one side, and I expect that this is because it's pop riveted in. We could get around it, but it was something of a pain.
Primed and tapped flap pushrods. Yeah, I know, the jam nuts are missing.

Let's call it a night - tomorrow, we're going to start thinking about getting the control systems all working together . . . I guess we'll see how that goes.

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