21 Jan 06 - Subpanel Labels, Misc. Forward Fuse Work

Interesting time tracking down the perfect label printer this morning. It turned out that there are lots of choices out there, and probably the easiest thing to do is to find the kind of labels that you want - in our case they were transparent with black letters - and then find the printer that will use those kind of labels. Weird. In any case, we never could find the labels we wanted for the printer yesterday, so we're using a different one.

Brother P-Touch . . . I think it's a PT-1280.
Here's the process we're going through to get them all lined up - masking tape across the subpanel, and then line up the bottom half of the label (with the backing) with the tape - you can see this on the right - and then pull off the backing - finished product on the left.
Oh - also, the grounding block is on, now. This will be located right below the right access hole we're cutting in the top skin.
Subpanel's in there with all the labels - you can really only see them in the big version of this picture. Also you can see the previously mentioned grounding block in there, too, actually.
Starting to think about carb heat/throttle/mixture cables. Be sure to put this part in before you hook the ends of the cables up, or you will have to undo the cables in order to get this in there.
Oh - these have been primed and riveted together - this is the right and left sides of the the subpanel that goes between the panel and the firewall. The part riveted on is what the seal rests against.

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