21 June 05 - Panel Back Together

Didn't get a whole lot of stuff done tonight as there was a large amount of RV talk and hangar flying that was going on. Chris Morris (buddy from church) and John Blevins - one of his coworkers - stopped by to see what was going on. John's a pilot and although he's not an RV builder, he can definitely be catagorized as an RV enthusiast. Chris . . . well, Chris needs to start flight training, he just doesn't know it yet. We'll keep working on him.

In any case, John and Chris helped us put all the stuff back in the freshly painted panel, and the result is below. We're pretty pleased with the way this all came out.

Current state of the panel. Paint color came out really well, I think.

There's not a lot more than can be done with the panel until I spring for a transponder, and given that all avaliable funds are going to the firewall forward kit fund, that may be awhile. The next big project is going to be starting the fuel/brake plumbing, so it looks like it's about time to get started on that. Been putting it off for awhile.

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