21 March 05 - More Aileron Trim Stuff

Basically not an extremely exciting day today. There's a lot of stuff that has to be done to get the aileron trim to work, though. With the QB kits, there are a few nutplates in the ribs that need to be drilled out so that the plate for the aileron trim sits right up against it. The holes line up, and you put another nutplate on the bottom of the the plate for the trim and it all works out okay.

Those nutplates are gone, so this can be clecoed in here. Be careful to remove the correct nutplates. (Yeah, ask me how I know this.)
Now it's been primed, and the nutplates have been attached. These are pretty much all squeezable.

Most of the evening was taken up with messing around with nutplates - more time removing the wrong nutplates and then re-attaching them than anything else, really. Looks like about the only thing we've got left on this is work to do with the actual handle . . . well, then we have to put the whole thing together, really. We'll attempt the handle tomorrow.

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