21 Nov 04 - Rudder Pedal Mounting Blocks

Today the project is to get the holes drilled so we can actually put the rudder pedals in. After we get this done, we'll be able to install the NACA vents permantently.

Arrangement of holes that we came up with - three positions.
The rudder side blocks in the center position.
Center brace. This has to be cut in half - use the bandsaw.
The whole rudder pedal mechanism sitting in there temporarily.

Where we up the holes - the first position is 3 1/2 inches from the firewall, and the second position is 1 5/8 farther back from that, and the third is another 1 5/8 inches farther back. The spacing between the screws is 3 1/4 inches, so this means that the middle hole can be used as the back bolt for the front position, or the front bolt for the back position.

Other than that, we're just following the directions here. About the only difficult part was getting the holes to line up between the plastic blocks and the longeron - because of the position and the thickness, you can't really match drill them. We didn't come up with a great way to do it (just measure more than once before drilling), but it occured to us afterwards that if we had made a template and then match drilled that to each individual piece, that may have worked better. I'm not really sure, because we didn't try it. What we did worked okay, though. They all still line up.

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