21 Sept 04 - Pushrods, Bellcranks, Wing Miscellany

Good evening - we had a list of things to get done, and we got them done. That sounds simple but hasn't happened many times as we keep hitting unforseen snags. Tonight was mostly finishing up a few random things, and by and large that's now been completed.

Finished riveting pushrods - well, the second set.
Put the bellcranks on and torqued them. This is the one that's working like it should, one of them was binding; we'll look at it tomorrow.
We used White Lithium Grease on the bellcranks - Van's instructions say "use your favorite grease" - well, this is what we had lying around.
The aileron brackets needed to be polished some more, and lemme tell you - after they are on the wings is not the best time to decide this. They're fine now, but this would have been easier to do earlier in the process.

Yeah, I know that the jam nuts are missing on the aileron pushrods. These things are coming off and going on a few more times, though, so we'll put them on sometime.

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