22 Aug 04 - Inventory and Wing Cradle

Un-inventoried parts waiting to be organized.
Parts unwrapped . . . starting the inventory.
Box of rivets and assorted small hardware - fasteners, etc.

One of the most interesting things to note about these pictures is that a good deal of the parts had to be moved into the living room as we were running out of room in the shop. We'll get them moved back out to the shop ASAP, but in the meantime it's worth noting that my mother has an extraordinarily large amount of patience. Thanks mom!

Unboxing more parts.
More parts to inventory.
Organized and inventoried!
Wing cradle from Scott Millhouse. (Thanks a bunch, Scott!)
Wings in the cradle.
Outboard part of the wings where they attach to the cradle.

The next part requires a bit of explaining. Although we got the wings into the cradle and they didn't seem to be in any danger of falling off, we weren't abnormally happy with the way the outboard wings were attached - there seemed to be lots of weight that was resting on the last rib (you can see how it's attached in the last picture above), and the rib was flexing a little bit, too. This is probably okay, but we decided to be cautious. We rigged up a support so some of the weight is resting on the leading edge of the wing right where one of the wing ribs is. With the weight distributed between these two points, it should be okay.

Styrofoam under the leading edge of the wing.

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