22 Feb 05 - Panel stuff, Misc. Forward Fuse Work

Sort of a miscellaneous day - probably the most interesting thing was that we started messing around with the modular panel. Let's see how it goes.

The first step is match drilling this all together. Also the "ears" that are on the sides get cut off if you're going to put air vents (as opposed to jacks for the headphones) in there. That'll happen, but not tonight.
The F-6118 rudder pedal brace. This had been match drilled bacy awhile ago, but now it's primed and test fitting it in there looks good.
Brake cylinder's on the firewall. (Editorial Comment from a few days later: we realized later that we don't these many washers - the top of the firewall will bend down when the fuselage deck is attached to it.)
Bending the vents on the heater box. The technique described in the directions works pretty well, but we've found that it works better if you brace both the base and the side you're bending with something - wood, scrap angle, etc.

Not an overly exciting evening, but a productive one. We'll keep working on the panel and heater box vents tomorrow . . . I expect we'll be able to finish the vent bending, anyway.

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