22 Jan 05 - Control Sticks, Bellcrank, Etc.

Today, we're going to try to make some progress as far as getting the control systems into the plane. This is in preparation for putting the empennage on the fuselage, which may not be the logical next step to do, but it's probably the most exciting. In any case, let's see how it goes:

The flaps are up. Ahem. Actually, getting these up and out of the way is in preparation for the finish kit showing up next month.
Top fuselage skin - this has been pulled off the plane, completely deburred and mostly dimpled.
The F-635 bellcrank in the fuselage. The spacers were a bit long and didn't fit - make sure that they're exactly the same length as is called for in the plans before you get frustrated trying to get them to fit.
Getting the control sticks in - there's a specific order in which this should all be done. Probably we'll have a better idea of what it should have been after we finish. In any case, WD-610 is in there now.
Now the previously torqued together combination of the pushrods and control sticks have been put in there, too.
WD-610 is bolted to the control sticks, now.

What we figured out later is that the first thing we should have done once we got the WD-610 control column in there is to get the bolt (and washers) in that connect it to the elevator pushrods. That's a serious pain in the butt to get working once there's more stuff in there.

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