22 March 05 - How Not to Drill the Aileron Trim Handle

Some days, you make mistakes that are understandable and that you hope other people (and you, too) can learn from.

And then sometimes there are days like today. This was a pretty silly mistake. What we're trying to do, here, is to get the trim handle ready - there's a bend in it that's straightforward, but match drilling the pieces so that a bolt can hold them together - that's conceptually pretty simple, but difficult to get it right. Here we go:

There's the bend. No sweat.
Here is the way that I match drilled the two parts (WD-658 and WD-756) together. No sweat, right?
Right. But this is actually the way they are supposed to fit together, and because the whole isn't completely straight, the bolt won't fit. Darn!

Well, we could wallow that hole out enough to make it work, but that'll probably introduce slop into the trim, which would not really be awesome. We'll go ahead and order new parts and give this another shot.

Off to the next project - probably going to be finishing up the wings.

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