22 Oct 05 - Canopy Latch, Wingtips, Firewall Holes

Worked on lots of small tasks today, so nothing really significant got done . . . just lots of different things, each of which was only mildly significant.

The angles for the latch are now riveted on, but must of shifted slightly - now the latch won't fit between them. Not sure yet what we'll do about that.
The indentations in the wingtips have a another new coat of white paint, so the strobes and position lights will get in there tomorrow after this dries.
Relevant holes have now been drilled in the firewall. Notes on this below.
Clothes hangar bar is finished! Yup, those are horizontal stabilizer pieces holding the metal tube in there.
Flex line from a local speed shop. I have no idea if this is going to work as we haven't tried it yet.

Firewall penetrations: when possible, make these with a unibit. A unibit cuts stainless steel nicer than any of the other possibilities. The large hole for cabin heat was made with a hole saw, and that was a pain in the rear. Then (because the hole saw was 1 3/4 inches and the hole has to be 2 inches), there was a lot of grinding that had to happen before it was the correct size. Not really very much fun.

Oh, and this business with a clothes hangar bar - this has been planned for some time now, and for awhile, I was going to try to fabricate something that would serve as the holder for the tube. The braces that are in there are actually the parts that were originally designed to hold the bolts that attach the elevators to the horizontal stab. (You can see them in this picture here, although I don't have the part number offhand.) Having those parts made it much simpler - just match drilled them to the brace, dimpled the brace and coutersunk the parts (use flush rivets on the top, or it'll run into the plexiglass), and then back riveted everything together. The aluminum tube has been flaired so it won't slide out the end. (Be sure to put the braces on the tube before flairing it, or you yelling bad words may result.)

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