23 April 05 - Closing the Right Wing Skin

A few things have to be figured out before we actually close this up - first of all, we have to make sure that we've thought through the Trutrak servo installation so we can fit it through the wing. The servo installation isn't that big a deal, and it's all possible to do through the access panel. I hadn't really thought through this, but it looks like retrofitting this to a flying plane wouldn't be a big deal as long as you have already run the wires. No problem.

Also, you may note that we're doing all this riveting with the wing in a vertical position. This isn't the way that Van's recommends (they think you should do it while it's horizontal), but it makes sense to me to leave this up to whoever is doing the bucking. Because my dad's right handed, (and he's better at the bucking bar part than I am), it made sense to do this vertically because it makes it easier for him to reach things. It may very well be easier for us to do the horizontal positioning on the left wing. Moral of the story: think through this and pick an orientation that works for you. Depending on how you're doing it, one way may be easier than the other.

First couple rivets are done.
Note the duct tape - the idea here is to protect the spars from any slips of the bucking bar. This works pretty well, really.
FAA-type picture: yup, this was us.
Status at the end of the day.

Well, it doesn't look like we made a bunch of progress today, but actually, I think that's okay. Partly, that's due to some stuff that is due Monday at the office, and therefore this weekend hasn't had as much airplane time as would be ideal. Also, this is the first time that we've been doing this much riveting since we were working on the empennage, and from what I hear, this is some of the toughest riveting on the project - it's best to take your time. Now that we've gotten the hang of it, I expect we'll be able to go ripping through the rest of this tomorrow. We'll see.

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